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May 10, 2021 . Sandy Cummings

The state of advanced analytics in healthcare: panel summary


The healthcare industry is on the cusp of a data and analytics golden age. We are moving steadily from a volume-based system to one that seeks to answer the overarching question, “Are we delivering... continue reading arrow-rightarrow-right

April 19, 2021 . Colin Beam, PhD

Observations are not enough: why causality is central to questions of algorithmic bias


Healthcare organizations increasingly rely on algorithms to guide decisions regarding patient care. If bias exists in the algorithms, organizations run the risk of treating patients unfairly.... continue reading arrow-rightarrow-right

April 15, 2021 . Steve Hackbarth

The specter of failure and the specter of success


The disastrous launch It’s been a warm winter, but the palm trees are nonetheless shrink-wrapped up and down Atlantic Avenue. Virginia is not their native environment, and their winter discomfort is... continue reading arrow-rightarrow-right

March 30, 2021 . Sandy Cummings

We are Ursa Health: meet Jerry Buchanan


What’s your role at Ursa Health, and what do you do? I’m senior vice president of business development, so think of me as our head of sales. My responsibility is to position Ursa Health where we can... continue reading arrow-rightarrow-right

March 10, 2021 . Sandy Cummings

We are Ursa Health: meet Sue Han


What’s your role at Ursa Health, and what do you do? I am the operational project manager and the first person at Ursa Health fully dedicated to the Project Management Office, which we hope to grow... continue reading arrow-rightarrow-right

March 2, 2021 . Ryan O'Connell

Making the most of run charts for healthcare performance improvement

Industry, Product

The run chart is a classic tool of quality improvement work. Depicted as a line graph, it provides insight into changes in a specific performance measure over time. The chart's x axis presents... continue reading arrow-rightarrow-right

February 25, 2021 . Colin Beam, PhD

A closer look at Ursa Studio's Advanced Analytics suite


The first step and arguably greatest challenge in healthcare data analysis is transforming incalculable quantities of messy raw data into an asset capable of producing measures that are timely,... continue reading arrow-rightarrow-right

UCLA Health: overcoming racial bias in predictive algorithms


Algorithmic bias—what it is, who it impacts, what it causes, and how it is best overcome—is a topic of increasing interest in healthcare. continue reading arrow-rightarrow-right

November 24, 2020 . Sandy Cummings

Meet the founders: Dr. Robin Clarke


What’s your role at Ursa Health, and what do you do? I am CEO and also a cofounder. Day to day, I lead the team from an organizational standpoint, focusing on operations, finance, business... continue reading arrow-rightarrow-right

November 18, 2020 . Colin Beam, PhD

When better is better than best: predictive model development


The field of machine learning (ML), a subset of artificial intelligence in which computer algorithms use statistics to find patterns in data that can predict future outcomes, is undergoing rapid... continue reading arrow-rightarrow-right

November 10, 2020 . Ryan O'Connell

Mastering change: the Behavioral Change Stairway Model


The imperative to collaborate to achieve common goals has long defined human interactions. Initially, this imperative was rooted in survival, but working in partnership is no less important today... continue reading arrow-rightarrow-right

November 5, 2020 . Sandy Cummings

We are Ursa Health: meet Mary Lou Tays


What’s your role at Ursa Health, and what do you do? I’m the director of integration here, which means that I am involved with customer implementations. I have the broadest role in terms of the... continue reading arrow-rightarrow-right

October 29, 2020 . Sandy Cummings

Carving out a great culture


When I got my first work-from-home gig some years ago, I really wasn’t sure it was for me. How would I get to know my colleagues? What would I miss if I wasn’t in the office? Would my contributions... continue reading arrow-rightarrow-right

October 16, 2020 . Ursa Health

A new solution for participants in CMS's Primary Cares Initiative

Company, Industry, Product

NASHVILLE, Tenn., October 16, 2020—In response to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services announcement of its new Primary Cares Initiative, Ursa Health has released a version of Ursa Studio, its... continue reading arrow-rightarrow-right

October 12, 2020 . Sandy Cummings

Physician-defined measurement reduces SNF readmissions

Company, Industry, Product

Ursa Health recently worked with an integrated delivery system to reduce readmissions from skilled nursing facilities (SNFs). The geriatrician charged with leading the effort had summary data from... continue reading arrow-rightarrow-right

October 6, 2020 . Sandy Cummings

We are Ursa Health: meet Tyler Johnson


What’s your role at Ursa Health, and what do you do? My role here at Ursa is director of operations, and my core responsibility is making sure our customers are getting value out of their partnership... continue reading arrow-rightarrow-right
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