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firsthand adopts Ursa Studio to inform care delivery for individuals with serious mental illness. FIND OUT MORE 

November 29, 2022 . Ursa Health

Matter Health adopts Ursa Studio to advance value-based care

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NASHVILLE, Tenn., November 29, 2022 — Matter Health, a value-based primary care provider group based in Nashville, has selected the analytics development platform from Ursa Health, the healthcare data analytics innovator, to inform, refine, and expedite its unique brand of value-based care delivery.

Matter Health provides location-based health solutions for the senior community to remove barriers to high-quality healthcare. Clinics and care teams are placed within senior living and other facilities, enabling caregivers to build tighter connections with their patients and better address their holistic health needs, including preventative, urgent, and primary care. Patients, in turn, benefit from the improved long-term health that comes from responsive, trusting provider-patient relationships and greater control of their healthcare journey.

“We believe that our model of providing world-class, interdisciplinary care ‘steps from home’ is a leap forward in primary care for the people who need it most,” explained Mason Mercy, chief executive officer at Matter Health. “Ursa Health understands exactly what we’re trying to accomplish. They are the right analytics partner and will help us better understand our population’s healthcare spending and utilization, which in turn enables us to optimize our performance and provide better care to those we serve. Ursa Studio, with its comprehensive tooling and ease of customization, will help us quickly get the information we need to better serve our population, while the platform can also evolve as we do.”

“Matter Health is a perfect example of the innovators shaking up business as usual in healthcare,” said Robin Clarke, M.D., chief executive officer of Ursa Health. “There are so many opportunities to do better with the healthcare dollars we spend in this country, and this work starts with a good idea, builds with a talented and mission-driven team, and depends on a solid analytics foundation to identify the highest yield opportunities and to implement process redesign. We’re extremely proud to partner with and support Matter Health with its clinical, financial, and operational initiatives.”

Ursa Health works with organizations that depend on healthcare data to guide clinical, financial, and operational decisions, uniting the producers and the users of analytics in the pursuit of innovation. Ursa Studio, the company’s no-code analytics development platform, spans the full breadth of healthcare data work in one no-code platform, including raw data ingestion and integrationdata modelinganalytics development, and business intelligence. Organizations can use Ursa Studio in its entirety, avoiding the need to manage an array of point solutions, or use the components of the platform that fill gaps in their existing infrastructure to optimize existing investments. Either way, the platform helps teams replace non-strategic modeling, management, and validation activities with high-value analytics development work that can guide clinical, operational, and financial areas of the business.

Matter Health will also receive immediate access to the Ursa Health Population Health Foundations Module, which includes performance measures covering essential concepts related to utilization and financial performance, as well as data marts with key patient features and risk factors, such as socioeconomic deprivation, chronic disease burden, primary care provider attribution, and plan membership status. As the company’s needs evolve and change, it can add easily access additional issue-specific modules to address common healthcare challenges, such as pharmacy optimization, chronic kidney disease management, and preventable hospital utilization management.

To learn more about how Ursa Studio helps organizations quickly unlock the value in their data, watch the video here.


About Ursa Health

Ursa Health is transforming analytics so innovators can transform healthcare. Our analytics development platform, Ursa Studio, combines no-code technology with healthcare-specific content, enabling health plans, providers, digital health companies, and others to take a Buy Your Build™ approach to their analytics infrastructure. With the structured adaptability of Ursa Studio, organizations can make full use of their rich data resources to accelerate growth. To learn more, visit www.ursahealth.com.

About Matter Health

Matter Health brings primary care services directly to affordable living communities by building on-site clinics that offer a personalized, holistic, and high touch approach to the patient/provider relationship. The Matter preventative care model focuses on improving the physical, mental, and social needs of dual-eligible patients with the goal of increasing long-term health while reducing costs.

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