Get Ursa-fluent in no time

With membership in the Ursa Community, you’ll have unlimited access to a rich set of hands-on and self-service resources across a range of preferred training mechanisms, content areas, and skill levels.



Enterprise customers have a dedicated Technical Customer Success Manager and Solution Architect with deep industry and platform expertise who act as a one-stop shop for addressing even your most complex questions.

Multiple training levels

Fully customized training covers the features of Ursa Studio as well as data science preparation and analytics best practices. Advanced sessions delve into topics such as claims data integration, data architecture design, and measure specification.

Robust knowledge base

Search our knowledge base to answer your questions, access documentation, or find articles that will fine-tune your knowledge of Ursa Studio. Can't find what you’re looking for? Just reach out to your dedicated Ursa Health team members.

Start generating capacity for your busy team from the get-go

Three hours is all the training you’ll need to be able to create basic measures in Ursa Studio. While you’re getting up to speed, the Ursa team performs the initial system setup. We work with you to automate your first recurring report as part of your training process, so you start to see value while you train.
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Your data model, our guiding expertise

Our flexible, experienced Professional Services team members can serve as strategic advisors or embedded technical experts for your organization, ensuring that you achieve rapid results.
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Database programming

We can apply domain-specific insights and a library of transformation SQL code to map your idiosyncratic raw data into a data model specific to your needs. Our team has extensive experience across all data types: EMR, claims, accounting, flat files, and more.

Data model architecture

We can design a parsimonious hierarchical data warehouse aligned with your organization’s unique reporting requirements. We’ll work with you to develop a targeted ELT strategy to keep your data fresh while minimizing resources.

Measure specification

We can help translate your organization's transformational ideas into new measures, ensuring that you deploy the right logic, exclusion/inclusion criteria, value set definitions, and more to produce the best answers.

Improvement project support

We can collaborate with your leadership to convert policy and market demands into effective engagement programs for your staff and partners. We’ll help you interpret analyses to support planning, executing, and evaluating improvement initiatives.

Advanced analytics

We can assist in developing highly accurate predictive models that are customized and honed to your data and populations. We can also help you evaluate your organization’s major initiatives to heighten confidence in your prioritization process.

We can help build your foundation for future success

For organizations that require an additional level of support, Ursa experts can shoulder the responsibility of designing and building the initial data model and analytics, the most conceptually and programmatically complex aspect of the data work. Once this solid foundation has been established, your team can swiftly expand its analytics footprint using Ursa Studio.

These development projects are executed in deep collaboration with customer data and business teams.

Phases include:

Mapping of the data landscape

Detailed ideation and specification of analytic products

Design of a future-proof data architecture

Construction of the foundational data model

Production of Analytics Portal measure results

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