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Ursa Health supports trusted population health management with Ursa Studio, its ground-breaking analytics development platform, combined with pre-built analytics content to jump-start critical initiatives and experts in turning complex healthcare data into action. As a result, PCPs can get to work, understanding patient attribution, stratifying patients by risk, designing effective care models, identifying the right individuals to target, measuring impact, and improving overall performance. 

And when the best choice for the best care demands partnership with an innovative specialty company, Ursa Studio delivers the shared intelligence necessary for clinical and financial co-management of  
targeted populations.


Fuel population health with analytics you can trust

Ursa Studio arrives with all the battle-tested content you need to unlock rich clinical, financial, and operational insights, including an industry-leading data model, curated reference data sets, and our Ursa Health Population Health Foundations Module. 

Activate additional Ursa Health Analytics Modules as your needs change, and "flip the switch" on tailored analytics with white-box visibility down to the SQL level.


Make healthcare data integration a whole lot easier

Data integration is the foundation for trusted, flexible analytics: If this step is done incorrectly or incompletely, downstream results from the mapped data will be invalid, or certain analytic use cases will be unavailable.

Source data will vary. Ursa Studio enables internal teams to integrate data in a self-service fashion with an advanced set of software features. Then, to accelerate the process even further, deploy our integration modules pre-built to handle specific types of data, allowing your technical resources to focus on finding answers within the data that accelerate the innovation process.


Succeed at ACO REACH

Organizations participating in ACO REACH are tasked with better supporting care delivery and coordination for patients in underserved communities and ensuring physicians and other healthcare providers play a primary role in accountable care. CMS plans to scrutinize progress more carefully and more frequently to assess the impact on care.

Ursa Studio, our ground-breaking analytics development platform, forms the critical foundation for accountable care programs, addressing three common needs: to stand up a tailored analytics infrastructure quickly, to ensure analytics are appropriately localized so they will be trusted and acted on, and to view all data through the lens of health equity.


Get the best of both worlds

Organizations typically have to decide between buying or building their analytics infrastructure. Buying a vendor’s solution speeds the path to an end result, but less control can mean it’s not the right end result. Building a solution ensures precise tailoring for the organization, but projects can easily spiral out of control.

Ursa Studio, our fully no-code analytics development platform, allows you to Buy Your Build™, minimizing risk while gaining the benefits of both approaches.


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