How you benefit

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Shift your data team’s time from maintaining the infrastructure to developing new analytics that drive the enterprise


Develop a deeper level of trust when all teams across the organization act from the same playbook


Make decisions more confidently with shared access to rich, multifaceted information

Patient acquisition and engagement

  • With the data processed within your cloud, seamlessly push eligible patient lists from business development’s opportunity analyses into your operational workflow tools

  • Marry claims and internal data to go beyond call lists with in-depth clinical profiles of each patient (e.g., historical providers, medication lists, chronic diseases) that help with engagement and stratification into the right care models

  • Improve upon basic identification algorithms with rich metrics and functionality to support net-new referrals from other providers and health plan case managers

Care model execution and refinement

  • Author the custom rules that define your solution (e.g., novel episodes and financial analyses), and accelerate the collaboration needed to validly build the logic

  • Use our built-in measurement tools to track and share near-real time performance across the care team for enhanced coordination

  • Design and monitor clinical and operational KPIs for care model adherence and outcomes, with a clear understanding of performance drivers and resource needs

Development of your data stack

  • Maintain all data and transformations natively, as integral components of your solutions and your technology stack and solutions

  • Use white-box access to Ursa Studio’s underlying data tables to seamlessly pass data between your workflow applications, knitting together strategic and operational analytics

  • Build the data frames your data scientists need to author and refine predictive models and other advanced analytics

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