Meet the Ursa Core Data Model

Get started right away with the Ursa Core Data Model. Versatile and reporting-ready, this hierarchical data structure incorporates our decades of experience turning data into answers. The Core Data Model has been carefully built to contain a wealth of information, yet only the information you truly need to support any healthcare use case.

Our connectors clean and integrate source data—from claims, EMR, billing, and other systems—then enrich the data with reference material from across healthcare in preparation for synthesis. Instead of cleanup work, you’re starting with ready-to-use tables covering a wide range of useful concepts, from encounters and clinical episodes to provider attribution models and timelines of patient risk and disease status.

This adaptable structure provides the foundation for a library of measures that not only answer industry-standard questions but also simplify the process of creating custom innovation insights, saving you years of build time.


More content, more value

For organizations looking to launch or refine existing programs, trusted data analytics can spell the difference between success and failure. Traditionally, gaining access to these vital tools has required assembling a team to build targeted measures or implementing point solutions.

Ursa Health has a better approach: off-the-shelf content modules that guide your organization’s initiatives, built on the Ursa Studio platform and fully customizable to your environment and populations.

Activate a module with just a click, automatically extending important data tables, measure logic, and documentation directly into your existing Ursa Core Data Model infrastructure. No need for multiple vendor contracts, painful integration efforts, or months-long internal builds.


Ursa Studio content modules



Medicare Part D Spend


HCC Risk Score Calculations


Readmissions Diagnosis


Practice Optimization


Site of Care Optimization


Diabetes Management


Care Pathways by Risk Stratum


Medication Therapy Management / Adherence


Skilled Nursing Facility Network Management


CKD Management

Complete transparency and flexibility

In typical Ursa fashion, no data asset is locked down. You’re in complete control.

Because customization is the key to value, every asset is flexible and modifiable. We know that you may share common analytic needs with our other customers, but your data and questions will be different. That means what you need to do to optimize performance will be different, based on local factors.

We give you the starting point, then enable rapid refinement and tailoring for your organization.

  • Integrate new data sources

  • Apply sophisticated transformations, including constructing new episodes, attribution rules, and patient cohorts

  • Quickly refine ideas with our measure authoring tool

  • Use our dashboards to share insights

  • Feed your other tools with validated data marts and analytic frames by direct transfer or API

Your pace, your path

With Ursa Studio, you can start focused, then flexibly expand over time. Use the Ursa Core Data Model content as is, add an off-the-shelf content module for a specific use case, or build your own intellectual property directly in the platform.

The Ursa Studio environment allows you to pace out a holistic approach to your data analytics infrastructure, breaking down internal silos and integrating strategic, operational, clinical, and financial insights and decision making.


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