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Start on third base with out-of-the-box content across clinical, financial, and operational domains.

Ursa Studio arrives with all the battle-tested content you need to unlock rich insights, including an industry-leading data model, curated reference data sets, and our Population Health Foundations module. Select from a menu of additional modules at any time. As soon as the initial integration and configuration into your data environment are complete, you’ll have immediate access to these hard-won insights.

Uncover powerful opportunities for action in days or weeks, not months, from the start of the engagement.

The Ursa Health team performs the initial configuration and data integration, deploys the relevant modules (localizing as appropriate), and delivers the first batch of insights typically within about four weeks. Your team scores early wins and achieves an immediate ROI that’s simply not possible with a build solution.

Avoid the hassle of cobbling together multiple solutions using Ursa Studio’s comprehensive tooling.

Ursa Studio spans the full breadth of data work, from the import and cleaning of raw data, to master data management, to enrichment using industry reference data, to application of clinical and business logic, to charting, visualization, and sharing features for analytics consumers. In the tradition of the best all-in-one data platforms, you’re saved from creating and managing a Rube Goldberg machine of disparate solutions.

Build benefits

Address the most nuanced and locally specific scenarios with our revolutionary no-code analytics authoring tool.

Great for speed, prebuilt content is not always accepted by analytics consumers, who need information localized to their working environment — which is why we prioritize complete customizability. All of our out-of-the-box logic is built with Ursa Studio, with white-box visibility down to the SQL level. Tweak, clone, or extend transformations in seconds with our no-code user interface, and build and rebuild with the entire power of the platform.

Manage the data work with your own team, taking over the reins on your timetable.
We’ll get you on your way, and your team can take over on whatever timetable make sense for you. We’ve started training on day one of engagements, and we’ve had customers who hadn’t yet hired a data team when we began working together. Your team becomes self-sufficient in Ursa Studio over time while maintaining access to our support, training, and professional services.
Stay in full control by keeping all the work within your database.

Unlike other all-in-one data platforms, the value of your data is not locked away in a proprietary system — you have the complete control you’d expect with a build solution. Launch from raw source-system tables or refined, validated EDW concepts. After a short registration process, Ursa Studio creates all tables directly within your database, simplifying the tech stack and giving you direct access to the outputs. Extend your starting tables with rich new concepts through the data modeling interface, and blend those with the highly useful intermediate tables in Ursa Studio’s Core Data Model.

For healthcare providers, the answers to innovate

Provider organizations are actively targeting programs that can make meaningful progress toward better care. New delivery models, products, risk-bearing contracts, partners — all demand relevant, accurate, and timely analysis of a wide range of data. 

Ursa Studio breathes life into healthcare innovation through the agile development and deployment of localized analytics that are both relevant and trusted. Whether you’re improving the effectiveness of your own programs or assessing the contributions of your vendor partners, Ursa Studio can help.


For health plans, a fresh lens on growing complexity

A successful data and analytics program has never been more important. Employers expect cost containment, and the health management landscape grows increasing complex. New types of data are available, new vendors and provider entities have emerged, new interoperability requirements require agility, and new programs create the need for innovative analytics. 

At Ursa Health, we’ve rethought data analytics from the ground up. Ursa Studio breathes life into healthcare innovation through the agile development and deployment of localized analytics, allowing plans to prioritize investments based on relevant, trusted data. Whether you’re improving the effectiveness of your own programs or assessing the contributions of your vendor partners, Ursa Studio can help.


For digital health companies, data-driven action

For digital health companies targeting value-based care, the goal is transformation through innovation. Success equals identifying a targeted area needing patient experience improvement and cost containment, developing a novel tech-enabled care delivery model, and engaging with risk-bearing entities to serve their populations. 

Ursa Studio brings your teams together with the same information, goals, and metrics, so you can ensure your solutions are working the way the should to deliver the highest value. Then, it forms the critical foundation you need to identify and nurture highly productive value-based partnerships at scale. 


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