Get the best of both worlds

Organizations typically have to decide between buying or building their analytics infrastructure. Buying a vendor’s solution speeds the path to an end result, but less control can mean it’s not the right end result. Building a solution ensures precise tailoring for the organization, but projects can easily spiral out of control.

Ursa Studio, our fully no-code analytics development platform, allows you to Buy Your Build™, minimizing risk while gaining the benefits of both approaches.

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Discover the path to true medical cost innovation

For decades, the healthcare industry has recognized that individuals with chronic or complex care issues require a more focused approach to care — one that addresses their unique challenges with a deep understanding of clinical best practices and that improves care coordination and member engagement. The unified goal: to improve clinical health outcomes while containing costs.

Ursa Studio provides the tools you need for trusted population health management, helping you identify the right understand, understand patient attribution, stratify members by risk, design effective care models, and measure impact.



Unify your vendor and partner management

Vendor relationships can be a big asset for provider organizations as they work to identify and implement innovations that reduce total spend while increasing the value of care for their patients. However, designing, deploying, and evaluating vendor relationships is time-consuming, and promises of ROI often remain unfilled, even after extensive work has gone into the relationship.

Ursa Studio forms the critical foundation for trusted vendor evaluation and management at scale.


Your pace, your path

The Ursa Studio analytics development platform creates a strong, adaptable structure for analytics-guided innovation and growth. Start wherever you want in the healthcare data transformation process, and go at the speed that makes sense for your organization and the resources you have.

If you have source data, start using Ursa Studio to support data ingestion and cleaning. If you have an EDW with normalized data and an evolving data model, Ursa Studio will crystallize the structure on which you build your analytics. If you already have a fully evolved data model, our fully customizable analytics modules will accelerate your path to localized insights.

You may get all you need from Population Health Foundations, the core analytics module that comes standard with Ursa Studio. But you can also add and easily modify new, issue-specific modules as your needs change. Or build your own intellectual property directly in the platform — it’s completely up to you.

Our Customer Success team will get you on your way, and your team can take over on whatever timetable make sense for you. We’ve started training on day one of engagements, and we’ve had customers who hadn’t yet hired a data team when we began working together. Your team becomes self-sufficient in Ursa Studio over time while maintaining access to our support, training, and professional services.


Join the Ursa Community

When you’re passionate about using data to fix what’s wrong with our healthcare system, it’s no surprise that you attract like-minded people: people with great ideas, experience, and enthusiasm for a new approach. The Ursa Community is growing every day, and we’re committed to helping each and every member use our platform to innovate and grow.

From professional services to comprehensive learning options, we’re ready to help increase your team’s efficiency and effectiveness as they work to solve healthcare’s complex challenges.


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