How you benefit

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Streamline and maintain consistency by knitting together client-facing analytics with product delivery


Develop a deeper level of trust and integration with your risk-bearing clients



Make decisions more confidently with better information

Opportunity sizing and shaping

  • Leverage no-code claims data ingestion tools to enhance your team’s speed and precision at performing prospect analyses

  • Author the custom rules that define your product’s offering (e.g., novel episodes and financial analyses) to build both your and your prospects’ trust in shaping a contract

Product delivery

  • Use our built-in measurement tools to track and share near-real time performance with your clients

  • With the data processed within your cloud, seamlessly push eligible patient lists from the opportunity analyses into your operational workflow tools

  • If desired, easily weave your internal data with your client data to create operational KPIs

ROI evaluation

  • Deliver rich evaluations of clinical and financial performance without huge, new projects

  • Increase transparency, interpretability, and trust for your clients through contract logic written without code

  • Enhance your clients’ activation, prompting them to steer members and share more risk

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