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Healthcare is awash in data and reporting requirements yet few performance improvement or innovation success stories building off of those requirements. Older quality measurement programs contribute more frustration than actual clinical progress. Newer interoperability standards have eased the challenges inherent in data exchange, but few organizations have succeeded in leveraging these standards to support individual patient care.

This might give the impression that our industry is not particularly amenable to using data or already saturated with information, but the opposite is true: Organizations, teams, and individuals are practically starving for meaningful feedback. Complicated analytics are the norm, obscuring the path to better healthcare for all.

Clinicians don’t know which of their approaches yield the best outcomes. Health plans don’t know which providers or programs offer the greatest value. Partners can’t tell whether their partnerships are driving clinical improvement or financial ROI. Care decisions are made in isolation and without complete information. No wonder so much variation exists and transformational change is so difficult.

We experienced this problem firsthand in a complex, integrated health system. And we solved it with a gritty, action-oriented approach. We brought together clinical teams with data teams to define a change, assess its impact, and then use that feedback to design the next version of the change. Sometimes we needed multiple iterations, and that was okay — we were comfortable “failing toward progress.” It worked, but not without a lot of muscle and time.

That was the genesis of Ursa Studio, our fully no-code analytics development platform. We wanted to enable this collaborative, iterative process, but have it proceed much more smoothly and efficiently.

Transparency was the first critical goal, so those in need of information could see how the analytics were constructed and adjustments could be made more quickly, which led us to embrace a no-code approach. We also wanted a toolkit with breadth, to avoid the problems and costs associated with cobbling together a host of solutions across all the steps of the data journey. And then we recognized the importance of immediacy, that organizations just couldn’t wait forever to get insights from their data, so we built our own data model, reference library, and foundational measure sets — once again, keeping their makeup transparent and easily localized.

Ursa Studio is the embodiment and propagator of a fresh approach to healthcare data analytics, one that explodes the stale approaches and false dilemmas that have held the industry back. At Ursa Health, we’re transforming analytics so you can transform healthcare.

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