Read-Write interface

  • Avoid the maintenance challenges and unavoidable definitional conflicts that come with having separate tools for committing the code and documenting the definitional decision—the Ursa Health Platform unifies these requirements.
  • Document master data management decisions and write directly into the data environment, so any upstream change in a definition automatically traces its way into all downstream uses.

Clear version control

  • Ensure complete trust, discoverability, and efficiency, from raw data entry to end-user logins, by generating a clearly traceable path for all data decisions.
  • Capture each committed edit to the codes in a value set, the structure of a table, the logic of a measure, and so on, along with the date and time the change was made, user details, and any descriptive comments.

Intelligent single-site maintenance of business intelligence

  • Easily adopt time-tested approaches to data architecture creation without retraining your team.
  • Commit your data decisions in a single place and leverage that intelligence across your entire data infrastructure, so refining a concept due to changing raw data and end-user needs takes only a few clicks.
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