Drill-down capabilities with statistical tests

Measure Explorer gives analysts a full suite of tools to apply sophisticated logic and calculate accurate results—for example, you’ll no longer face BI restrictions in setting up a series of AND or OR filters across numerous fields. Even better, Analytics Portal generates the confidence intervals, control charts, histograms, heat maps, and geomaps that allow you to decipher true signal from noise.
Drill-down statistical tests-1

Case review

Aggregate results often help detect broad patterns, trends, or hypotheses, while reviewing the detailed individual cases brings to light the true drivers of performance. Analytics Portal makes it easy to unpack that potential insight. Behind every analysis, you can access the list of cases that contribute to the result with a single click. When viewing the cases, you can freeze, move, and hide columns, as well as execute complex filtering logic.

Board preparation

With Analytics Portal, you have the full power to dive deeply into the data coupled with an elegant mechanism to share those discovered insights seamlessly. This creates a solution that works ideally for analysts, clinicians, and executives alike.

The steps are simple: Find a chart of interest > pin it > shape the story with descriptions or complementary charts > publish. Sharing automatically respects the configured profiles, so you can rest assured others will only see what they have permission to see.

Board preparation

Postings and news feed

Share an individual insight with one or more users with a couple of clicks. They receive an email with a link that directs them to exactly what you were seeing plus your commentary, accelerating the pace of learning without any PHI leaving the application. Better yet, public posts are collected within the news feed, so over the course of the clinical or business project the team can refer back to the lessons learned and ideas from the past.
Postings and news feed

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