Ursa Health’s analytics unravel the complexity of healthcare delivery and provide actionable insights to drive improvement.


Using our clinical, administrative, and measurement expertise, our team consults with health system leaders to shape all phases of improvement programs.


Ursa Health’s innovative platform transforms the big data from your EMR into information and action swiftly and without disruption to clinical practice.


Effective improvement work requires the right information. In our experience, this information has to be customized to each setting and question.

Flexible Deployment

Ursa Health adapts to the structure of your reporting environment and can be run in the cloud or within your firewall, managed by our team or yours.

Natural Language Processing

HCPCS/CPT codes are not enough. Ursa Health combines these with natural language processing of clinical data to understand delivery of care.

Ursa Health In Action

Ursa Health emerged from a program launched in 2013 within a complex, integrated delivery system to meet the urgent challenge of improving delivery of care. We developed an innovative analytics approach that leveraged data to customize the information that clinical teams and system leaders needed to answer their improvement questions. Today, these analytics have been eagerly adopted by a wide range of clinical specialties and are driving over 100 redesign projects and programs. Ursa Health’s technology-enabled services deliver a proven solution with software that enables health systems to access this method without dedicated programmers.

Press Releases

Version 1.5 Release

on November 18, 2016

Nashville, TN Today, Ursa Health announces a version 1.5 release of its flagship software product. Version 1.5 includes the Opportunity Discovery feature that provides groundbreaking flexibility to users seeking answers to the fundamental care redesign questions: “Where do we start first to get the biggest effect?” and “We have lots of theories, but what’s really driving this outcome?” Consistent with Ursa Health’s foundational position, the answers to these questions will be unique for each health system, and Opportunity Discovery enables clinical teams to arrive at their local answer.

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Version 1.4 Release

on September 8, 2016

Nashville, TN Today, Ursa Health announces a version 1.4 release of its flagship software product. Version 1.4 includes support of the PostgreSQL database as a first-class citizen in its technology stack. PostgreSQL, the world’s most advanced open-source database, has long been a rising star in information technology, and has now arrived as a serious competitor to Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server. “We had begun with Oracle as our target, but we’ve been hearing increased interest from client IT for Postgres as an affordable, high-performance alternative,” explains Steve Hackbarth, Ursa Health CTO.

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Version 1.3 Release

on March 21, 2016

Los Angeles, CA Today, Ursa Health announces a version 1.3 release of its flagship software product. Version 1.3 includes the innovative Peer Comparison feature. Specifically designed for the data culture of healthcare, Peer Comparison delivers analyses mirroring how clinicians think about their care – promoting engagement, learning, and improvement. Data make sense when the internal comparisons match the “local” organization, and Version 1.3 provides industry-leading tools that allow each delivery system to configure the report to reflect their uniqueness.

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Version 1.2 Release

on January 28, 2016

Los Angeles, CA Today, Ursa Health announces a version 1.2 release of its flagship software product. Version 1.2 includes the Ursa Health Terminology Server, an integrated platform for the creation and maintenance of value sets and groupers. Given the breadth and fluidity of clinical and administrative health care data, the custom development of new measures and reports based on the clinician guidance requires an elegant balance of flexibility, validity, and scalability.

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