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Our technology

Ursa Health’s technology fosters deeper partnerships between the consumers and the preparers of analytics because custom analytic solutions can be created more swiftly, efficiently, and accurately. The Ursa Health Platform auto-detects relationships within the data architecture, enables the ideal of “define it once, use it everywhere,” and authors complex and bug-free SQL with just a few clicks. This advanced and highly flexible technology elevates everyone on the team.

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Ursa Uncut

We Are Ursa Health – Meet Colin Beam

on 1/16/2020

I'm responsible for advanced analytics at Ursa Health, which covers any method we use to discover information in the data, such as visualizations, statistical models, and machine learning algorithms. The Ursa Health Platform has several built-in applications to facilitate this discovery process, and part of my job is to help create and maintain these tools.

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The Pain of Real Values

By Sandy Cummings on 12/23/2019

Early in my career, I was thinking of getting an MBA and attended an introductory lecture at Boston University. I don’t remember which professor gave it, but I’ve thought of his words often over the years: In the workplace, it’s better to not define your core values than to define them and not live up to them.

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We Are Ursa Health – Meet Aaron Mock

on 12/13/2019

As vice president of operations, I have the privilege of overseeing the development and delivery of all services to our customers. I work directly with these members of the Ursa Health community to ensure their data journey with Ursa is successful and enjoyable, and that it yields daily insights to help them innovate.

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Advanced Analytic Models Within the Ursa Health Platform

By Colin Beam on 11/26/2019

Since its inception, the Ursa Health Platform has helped its user community accelerate through the many steps involved in transforming raw healthcare data into a unified, reliable, and secure data asset. Flexible tools also allow users to derive value from their data through the construction of custom measures, dashboards, and visualizations.

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