Ursa Studio changes everything.

The market’s crowded with analytics tools of all stripes, so why did we bother making another one? Because not that long ago, we were sitting right where you are, trying to improve our part of healthcare—patching together various software tools and filling the gaps with manual efforts. And it was unreasonably hard work.

We built Ursa Studio to fundamentally change the innovation process.

Ursa Health - Living Data Model

What our customers are saying

Any data, any question, no code

That’s our mantra here at Ursa Health. By removing coding from the process of building out custom data warehouses and producing complex analytics, we’ve created an analytics development platform that unites technical and nontechnical staff in the pursuit of innovation.

Revolutionary yet practical, versatile yet structured, Ursa Studio meets healthcare’s complexities head on. As a result, organizations can take advantage of their rich data resources to answer any question in any area of their business, confident that the answer will be relevant, accurate, and timely.


All the data management ease of low-code tools


All the customizability of BI tools


All the healthcare content of traditional healthcare tools

We're here to help

Ursa Studio works for providers, payers, employers, health services organizations, and any other organization that uses healthcare data to guide its clinical, financial, and operational decisions.

Let’s talk about what you need and how we can help.

For example, we’ve helped:

A national full-risk provider group evaluate and track at-risk populations

A large provider organization prioritize health plan contract negotiation strategies

A venture-backed startup design high-value provider networks for large employers

An ACO deliver innovative behavioral programs that improve care quality

A health plan and a provider system collaborate in a value-based population health program

A large self-funded employer bend its rising healthcare cost curve while maintaining employee satisfaction

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We’d love to hear your ideas about innovating in your organization and see if we can help ease you past your pain points.