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Ursa Health’s technology fosters deeper partnerships between the consumers and the preparers of analytics because custom analytic solutions can be created more swiftly, efficiently, and accurately. The Ursa Health Platform auto-detects relationships within the data architecture, enables the ideal of “define it once, use it everywhere,” and authors complex and bug-free SQL with just a few clicks. This advanced and highly flexible technology elevates everyone on the team.

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Advanced Analytic Models Within the Ursa Health Platform

By Colin Beam on 11/26/2019

Since its inception, the Ursa Health Platform has helped its user community accelerate through the many steps involved in transforming raw healthcare data into a unified, reliable, and secure data asset. Flexible tools also allow users to derive value from their data through the construction of custom measures, dashboards, and visualizations.

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We Are Ursa Health – Meet Sandy Cummings

on 11/6/2019

I just joined Ursa this November as executive vice president of marketing. My role is really “all things marketing,” which boils down to supporting the company’s growth by setting our marketing strategy and ensuring successful execution of a multifaceted marketing program, with all its intricate tactics.

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Resources for Healthcare Improvement

By Ryan O'Connell on 10/22/2019

Improvement science, like many quality-related disciplines, is rooted in the work of W. Edwards Deming, the 20th century management expert famous for his 14-point management philosophy and statistical process control methods. This discipline holds the promise of simultaneously increasing quality and reducing costs.

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We Are Ursa Health – Meet Ryan O'Connell

on 9/12/2019

I joined Ursa Health in September 2019 as a manager of technical services. My role is to work with Ursa’s partners to help them discover and realize the potential of their data assets. This work takes many shapes but is always focused on ensuring our partners know the best way to measure and act upon their organizational opportunities.

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