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Our technology

Ursa Health’s technology fosters deeper partnerships between the consumers and the preparers of analytics because custom analytic solutions can be created more swiftly, efficiently, and accurately. The Ursa Health Platform auto-detects relationships within the data architecture, enables the ideal of “define it once, use it everywhere,” and authors complex and bug-free SQL with just a few clicks. This advanced and highly flexible technology elevates everyone on the team.

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Ursa Uncut

We Are Ursa Health – Meet Caroline Sullivan

on 3/27/2020

I recently joined Ursa Health as senior vice president of partnerships. My role is focused on making sure our clients have the best possible experience with our team and our solutions and achieve long-term success. To that end, I partner closely with the Operations team, as well as other groups in the company. I’m also excited to be working on ways to help our customers better connect with and learn from each other.

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We Are Ursa Health – Meet Rob Viola

on 3/16/2020

As a senior manager of DevOps, my role is pretty diverse—I do a little bit of everything. Half my time is consulting with clients on things like SQL development and other aspects of customer support. I also make sure we’re extremely solid on the privacy and security front.

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We Are Ursa Health – Meet John Toher

on 2/27/2020

I am director of technical services, which means I am a technical resource for clients during their implementation of the Ursa Health Platform. The job allows me to exercise my two core strengths: my technical expertise and then my ability to help people achieve success using technology. It really hit my sweet spot.

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Dates and Timezones in JavaScript

By Steve Hackbarth on 2/26/2020

Many JavaScript developers approach dealing with dates and timezone issues with apprehension. And indeed, it's easy to get turned in a knot as you're trying to get times working sensibly for all your users. But with a solid understanding of the fundamentals, you'll find that thinking through how to work with dates in JavaScript becomes a tractable problem.

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