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March 20, 2023 . Tyler Johnson

HIStalk: 4 ways specialty care providers can prepare for claims data

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"Companies that are bringing new specialty care models to market face a big early hurdle when partnering with plans, full-risk provider groups, or self-insured employers: working with claims data. Although lacking some clinical context, clean, well-organized claims data is vital for creating longitudinal patient views and the main fuel for analytics (which of course become even more powerful when supplemented with clinical and other data sources). Trusted analytics, in turn, are the first step toward optimal operations and outcomes, as well as the financial reconciliation between partners that value-based contracts require.

"With everything else involved in launching or expanding a new business, specialty care providers (SCPs) may be tempted to put data and analytics planning on the back burner. Those that delay too long, however, could find themselves scrambling to get new partnerships off the ground or to keep up with an ever-changing landscape. In the best-case scenario, late-night heroics save the day but inordinately stress the team. In the worst, lack of planning leads to lost sales, crumbling partnerships, and dwindling rather than growing healthcare impact."

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