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Steve Hackbarth

Steve Hackbarth
Steve is the chief technology officer at Ursa Health. Before joining the company as a founder, Steve was head of development at xTuple, the world's #1 open-source ERP software company, managing a diverse development team that spanned four continents. Before that, he founded Speak Logistics, a tech startup borne out of his experience in the transportation industry, which introduced the user-friendly and modern sensibilities of the consumer Internet into the enterprise space. His professional passions include JavaScript, open-source software, continuous integration, and scalable code. Steve holds a bachelor's degree in computer science from Harvard University and an MBA from William and Mary. He is a frequent speaker on subjects such as JavaScript, modular architecture, git, open source, and asynchronous programming.

Recent Posts

April 15, 2021 . Steve Hackbarth

The specter of failure and the specter of success


The disastrous launch It’s been a warm winter, but the palm trees are nonetheless shrink-wrapped up and down Atlantic Avenue. Virginia is not their native environment, and their winter discomfort is...
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February 26, 2020 . Steve Hackbarth

Working with dates and timezones in JavaScript: a survival guide


Many JavaScript developers approach dealing with dates and timezone issues with apprehension. And indeed, it’s easy to get turned in a knot as you’re trying to get times working sensibly for all your...
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