Measure Wizard

  • With Ursa Studio, coding is replaced by dropdowns and auto-complete fields, providing the templated structure that guides while affording full flexibility to build any type of analysis.
  • Algorithms detect errors before you commit the transformation, saving you time and headaches.
  • You gain full versatility across all of healthcare’s clinical, financial, and operational measurement domains.
Frame 432

Cycle-time reduction

  • Without needing to track each SQL statement, you can incorporate end-user feedback in minutes to hours instead days to weeks.
  • Keep up the momentum of your enterprise projects by accurately and swiftly producing the information that answers questions and supports innovation.
  • Achieve new levels of coordination across the full data team with a no-code interface that makes commmunication about logic and definitions clear and transparent, automating knowledge transfer, improving reusability, and controlling maintenance costs

Easy report configuration

  • Take just seconds to move from custom measure development to a sophisticated data frame that can be pushed into any visualization layer or downstream modeling job
  • Have at your disposal a wide range of configuration options, such as selecting the correct periodicity (e.g., year to date or calendar monthly), avoiding hours of additional tedious coding

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