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September 16, 2020 . Sandy Bielawa

We are Ursa Health: meet Ryan O'Connell

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What’s your role at Ursa Health, and what do you do?

I serve as Ursa Health’s senior director of knowledge, which is a role that involves wearing several hats. Primarily, I am responsible for developing and delivering training programs that empower Ursa Studio users to leverage the full potential of the platform. Some of these programs offer synchronous learning opportunities, while other programs are delivered asynchronously. I also work with the product team to define and test new features.

Ursa Studio enables individuals responsible for managing and extracting meaning from healthcare data to complete that work in a very efficient manner, and I love helping these individuals get the most out of the platform.

Can you share a little about your background?

I have pretty much done it all in the data analytics world, from data collection to presentation. I started my career as consultant with Deloitte responding to forensic analytics needs arising from major commercial litigation as well as federal investigations. And then since that time I’ve worked primarily in healthcare analytics, most notably at Fresenius Medical Care, the nation's largest provider of kidney care services. I’ve also served as an adjunct professor at Lipscomb University, where I received my master’s in conflict management.

Why did you decide to work for Ursa Health?

There are really two themes behind my decision: people and product.

First, the team is incredible. Everyone who works here is kind, intelligent, and open-minded. They are dedicated to delivering value to our clients and positively influencing the landscape of healthcare through the delivery of analytics that lead to quality improvement.

Second, having worked in various data analysis roles over the last 12 years, I have spent thousands of hours wrangling, analyzing, and presenting data. Ursa Studio streamlines every part of this process, so I find the technology an incredible value proposition in the analytics space. I love being a part of the team that delivers the Ursa Studio solution to our partners.

What do you find to be the best part about working with Ursa Health?

Besides working with great people and an excellent product, I really love my role. Much of what I studied as an undergraduate and graduate student focused on interpersonal communication, so being in a position where I communicate directly and indirectly with users of our product is great fun. Thinking through the best ways to connect and present specific ideas and concepts to individuals with varied backgrounds and experiences makes every day exciting.

What is one thing your colleagues would be surprised to know about you?

I have had a daily meditation practice for the last 10 years, which has led to me teaching meditation to groups as varied as recovering addicts here in Nashville and school teachers in Haiti.

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