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December 13, 2019 . Sandy Cummings

We are Ursa Health: meet Aaron Mock

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What’s your role at Ursa Health, and what do you do?

As vice president of operations, I have the privilege of overseeing the development and delivery of all services to our customers. I work directly with these members of the Ursa Health community to ensure their data journey with Ursa is successful and enjoyable, and that it yields daily insights to help them innovate.

One of the things that makes Ursa stand out in the crowded field of healthcare data analytics is the level of service and educational support that we provide. Our team consists of industry veterans with deep operational and technical expertise who can share rich best practices and who sit side by side with our customer teams through implementation to system mastery. Whether an organization’s data management and analytics program is mature or newly formed, our goal is to develop both actionable insights and in-house Ursa expertise within 30 days.

The most rewarding part of my job is seeing what the Ursa Health Platform can do for both data architects and analysts. I love the excitement of in-house teams when they realize they can stop treading water and instead focus on higher impact data management and analyses that drive true innovation at their organizations.

Can you share a little about your background?

What usually comes as a welcome surprise to my client partners is how often I’ve faced the same or similar problems that they are looking to solve. This allows me to focus my energy on developing a deep understanding of the unique aspects of their situation, work together to identify a solution, and quickly execute on it.

My entire career has been in the healthcare industry in matrixed roles spanning strategy, operations, and analytics. Most recently I was director of operations at Contessa Health, where I worked with payers, hospital systems, and ancillary providers to deploy a clinical and bundled payment financial model that provided all the essential elements of inpatient-level care directly in the home for patients where this approach was clinically appropriate.

Before that, I worked at Aspire Health, during which time we became the leading home-based palliative care provider in the country. As director of strategic operations, I led an analytics team that delivered essential information to our health plan partners, identified patient engagement opportunities, and developed our clinical resource planning, which included managing data pipelines across multiple payers and sources – for example, claims, EMRs, membership files, provider data). I also directly managed our provider relations team, responsible for generating our growth through referrals.

Before joining Aspire, I was on the population health team at The Advisory Board Company, where I worked with large health systems and ACOs on their population health strategies, data integration, and care management deployment.

Why did you decide to work for Ursa Health?

I’ve been both an architect and an analyst myself, and I’ve managed teams of people who have these roles. The moment I saw the Ursa Health Platform and the power it gave to a person to – in just minutes – iterate on data objects, measures, and reports, I knew I was going to either buy it for my own team of analysts or join the Ursa team directly.

I thought about how many times I watched innovative ideas “die on the vine” because questions from decision makers could take days or even weeks to answer. Although an organization might have many data architects and analysts, typically only a select few experts have a deep enough understanding of the data architecture and the business to generate the analyses that yield game-changing insights.

I saw Ursa as an easy way to quickly create more of these experts. In addition, it enables the rapid iteration around ideas that closes the gaps between data architects, analysts, and business leaders.

What do you find to be the best part about working with Ursa Health?

I love it when an analyst or data architect learning to use Ursa says, “Do you know how much time this is going to save me?” Having been in their shoes, I find it incredibly rewarding to give breathing room to individuals who are usually very engaged in the mission of their organization but have not had the space to work at the “top of their license.” The new insights they come up with that are both actionable and highly impactful to their business are why I come to work every day.

What is one thing your colleagues would be surprised to know about you?

I don’t always wear a suit and tie.

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