Introducing Version 3.0 of the Ursa Health Platform


Nashville, TN

Ursa Health LLC has released version 3.0 of the Ursa Health Platform, healthcare’s no-code platform for answering even the most complex clinical and financial performance questions. With version 3.0, the Ursa Community now has access to a ground-breaking tool for easily creating custom measures. The greater a measure’s specificity, the more accurate the answers it yields.

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“The Measure Builder feature within the Ursa Health Platform is infinitely flexible, capable of building any custom measure an organization needs,” explained Steve Hackbarth, Ursa’s chief technology officer. “However, that same flexibility and choice of options has meant a relatively steep learning curve for data analysts looking to precisely author a measure. We’ve successfully married ease of authorship with customizability by introducing the Measure Wizard in version 3.0.”

Ursa’s Measure Wizard walks analysts through an intuitive building process, starting with identifying the type of question the organization needs answered and thus the measure that needs to be built. For example, if the question is “What percentage of a certain type of event also includes another type of event,” the Measure Wizard will preselect as many options as possible based, and will continue to do so as analysts answer additional questions related to their goals.

This process quickly and successfully builds the structure of the measure, allowing analysts to focus on fine-tuning the measure based on their organization’s unique requirements—for example, adding restrictions or joining the measure to existing data tables.

“Measure Wizard allows or clients to quickly obtain a prebuilt, stable measure framework, which means that instead of focusing on the mechanics of measure building, they can proceed directly to adding business value,” said Hackbarth.

About Ursa Health: Ursa Health is a healthcare innovation company pioneering how delivery systems, health plans, and employers learn and continuously improve. Our proven software platform provides scalable flexibility and customization throughout the analytics lifecycle – from organizing EMR and claims data, to generating project-specific measures and sharing collaborative reports. Each of our clients develops answers to its own questions, dynamically and responsively, enhancing engagement of clinicians and administrators in the continuous process of improving quality, increasing efficiency, and reducing waste.