Version 2.5 release


Nashville, TN

Today, Ursa Health announces a version 2.5 release of its industry-leading data management and analytics platform. The release integrates amongst the largest number of enhancements and new features of any release in the history of the platform.

One focus area with breakthrough development in version 2.5 advances the platform’s toolkit for enterprise business logic management. The new feature enables the authoring and curation of “Terms”, business concepts defined in natural language. This intentionally broad nomenclature captures the flexibility of the solution, which can be used to document any enterprise definition from decisions about low-level data transformation to clinical/administrative/financial structures. Ursa Health, a leading healthcare data management and analytics technology and services company, today announced the Ursa Health Platform has earned Certified status for information security by HITRUST.

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As part of Ursa Health’s full data-journey solution, this feature delivers:

  • Elegance: Terms are managed through a non-programmatic interface within the Data Studio application that directly writes to the database, with clear version control of each edit to ensure integrity.
  • Efficiency: With minimal clicks, a user can map out the complex tapestry of logic of the interdependent links of how Term (and Value Set) definitions build on each other – and flow through to the measure analytics.
  • Visibility: All Term definitions are directly accessible with a single click by the business user viewing the analytics.

“Because custom data management and tailored analytics necessitate many decisions and rest on many varied concepts, clear and accessible documentation of these definitions is foundational to business success,” Andy Hackbarth, Ursa Health’s Chief Product Officer, reflects, “the platform’s intuitive interface solves a central challenge for innovating organizations – making sure data professionals and analytics end users are on the same page.”

About Ursa Health: Ursa Health is a healthcare innovation company pioneering how delivery systems, health plans, and employers learn and continuously improve. Our proven software platform provides scalable flexibility and customization throughout the analytics lifecycle – from organizing EMR and claims data, to generating project-specific measures and sharing collaborative reports. Each of our clients develops answers to its own questions, dynamically and responsively, enhancing engagement of clinicians and administrators in the continuous process of improving quality, increasing efficiency, and reducing waste.