Version 2.0 Release


Nashville, TN

Today, Ursa Health announces a version 2.0 release of its flagship software product. Version 2.0 includes a ground-up redesign of the application, as well as the Custom Dashboard screen, which allows users to assemble and share their own sets of charts which they have bookmarked from their reports.

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The redesign effort that culminates in the 2.0 release has been years in the making. Per Ursa Health CTO Steve Hackbarth, “since our first production deployment in 2015, we’ve been gathering feedback from a diverse set of users to make the end user experience more intuitive and compelling. For version 2.0 we redesigned the application from the ground up to make our analytics more accessible and impactful.” The new design better assures consistency across screens and across the complete variety of analyses that the Ursa Health platform provides.

The Custom Dashboard screen is the capstone in this redesign effort. “We’ve found that users can best internalize data results when they can see the data from different perspectives on the same screen. The new Custom Dashboard screen allows us to do just that, in a way that’s fully flexible across all subject domains,” explains CEO Robin Clarke. Users can bookmark any interesting result that they find in a report on the fly, and can assemble these bookmarks into new dashboards. It’s then an easy step to caption and share Custom Dashboards with all the other users of the report.

Custom Dashboards represent a best-of-both-worlds sweet spot for healthcare analytics. They can be carefully curated, to provide exactly the views that best fit a particular insight. But they are also fully flexible, so users aren’t stuck with a rigid, off-the-shelf analysis which might not meet their needs.

About Ursa Health: Ursa Health is a healthcare innovation company pioneering how delivery systems and health plans learn and continuously improve. Our proven software platform provides scalable flexibility and customization throughout the analytics lifecycle – from organizing EMR and claims data, to generating project-specific measures and sharing collaborative reports. Each of our clients develops answers to its own questions, dynamically and responsively, enhancing engagement of clinicians and administrators in the continuous process of improving quality, increasing efficiency, and reducing waste.