Version 1.5 Release


Nashville, TN

Today, Ursa Health announces a version 1.5 release of its flagship software product. Version 1.5 includes the Opportunity Discovery feature that provides groundbreaking flexibility to users seeking answers to the fundamental care redesign questions: “Where do we start first to get the biggest effect?” and “We have lots of theories, but what’s really driving this outcome?”

Consistent with Ursa Health’s foundational position, the answers to these questions will be unique for each health system, and Opportunity Discovery enables clinical teams to arrive at their local answer. The module provides an elegant balance between clinician-informed customization and machine-learning automation; users select any outcome of interest and the software evaluates the internal variation within each possible driver of that outcome. “Within minutes of configuring their analysis on, say, readmissions, Opportunity Discovery assesses for the user whether the greatest opportunity for eliminating that second admission is by reducing variation in care by patient condition group, discharging hospital unit, primary care medical home, payor type, or any other configured entity,” describes Andrew Hackbarth, Ursa Health’s President. This complex analysis is visualized through an intuitive module that allows for swift identification of the biggest opportunity and drill-down capabilities to find the first target for care redesign.

“In the past, I experienced engaging clinical teams with software tools that rely on rigid reports examining variation compared to an external benchmark; the conversations were often unproductive as clinicians questioned the benchmark, the risk-adjustment, and the relevance to their own clinical practice,” outlined Dr. Robin Clarke, Ursa Health CEO. “Ursa’s Opportunity Discovery turns the exploration of variation on its head by providing tools to our clients to understand themselves better, and the resulting insights are much more actionable and meaningful.”

The rapidly evolving healthcare marketplace of incentives and penalties demands swift yet effective choices in redesigning care. Opportunity Discovery extends Ursa Health’s Advanced Analytics portfolio and further enables clients’ success in making the right difference in delivering better care.

About Ursa Health: Ursa Health is a healthcare innovation company pioneering how delivery systems and health plans learn and continuously improve. Our proven software platform provides scalable flexibility and customization throughout the analytics lifecycle – from organizing EMR and claims data, to generating project-specific measures and sharing collaborative reports. Each of our clients develops answers to its own questions, dynamically and responsively, enhancing engagement of clinicians and administrators in the continuous process of improving quality, increasing efficiency, and reducing waste.