Version 1.2 Release


Los Angeles, CA

Today, Ursa Health announces a version 1.2 release of its flagship software product. Version 1.2 includes the Ursa Health Terminology Server, an integrated platform for the creation and maintenance of value sets and groupers. Given the breadth and fluidity of clinical and administrative health care data, the custom development of new measures and reports based on the clinician guidance requires an elegant balance of flexibility, validity, and scalability.

The Terminology Server ships with external ontogenies (e.g. SNOMED, CPTs) as classified by the national organizations; as an example, a client can swiftly use the Ursa Health Measure Builder to incorporate NCQA’s value set of ICD-10 codes for diabetes mellitus. The even more innovative offering is the ability to edit, store, and notate customization of these external classifications and the development of new internal classifications right within the Ursa Health software. So, as a clinical team modifies the diabetes codes to better reflect their own experience and consensus or another team identifies the EMR flowsheets that document patients’ pain scores, these new value sets are accessible by the entire system through the Ursa Health platform.

“This feature was inspired by our implementation at UCLA,” Andrew Hackbarth, Ursa Health co-founder explains. “Where before, customized value sets and groupers would be stored in disparate databases or individual queries, the Ursa Terminology Server centralizes the rich knowledge created by multiple teams. At the same time, the software federalizes the ongoing maintenance – so, when a new flowsheet is built in the EMR, the build team directly updates the value set instead of needing to email a different team or some other indirect approach.”

“We’re finding that reports are developed more quickly because the programmers no longer have to verify that a value set is up to date before using it with the Measure Builder,” said Dr. Robin Clarke, Ursa Health co-founder. “Additionally, the reports are more accurate because they reliably use the most recent version of our the knowledge from the whole system – not just what that individual programmer previously had access to.”

About Ursa Health: Ursa Health is a healthcare innovation company pioneering how delivery systems and health plans learn and continuously improve. Our proven software platform provides scalable flexibility and customization throughout the analytics lifecycle – from organizing EMR and claims data, to generating project-specific measures and sharing collaborative reports. Each of our clients develops answers to its own questions, dynamically and responsively, enhancing engagement of clinicians and administrators in the continuous process of improving quality, increasing efficiency, and reducing waste.