The organizations involved in healthcare are almost infinitely varied. They are linked by a desire to oversee the delivery of the best care possible by reducing waste and improving quality, using data to drive effective care.


Aiming to transform care to improve quality, reduce waste, and enhance patient experience?
Ursa can be an end-to-end data and analytics solution or can slot in to enhance your existing BI and EMR tools
  • Realize a totally different type of engagement from your clinicians by answering their questions – and accelerate your strategic initiatives
  • Remove the frustrations of data preparation delays and finally achieve synergy between your data and clinical/operational teams


Aiming to optimize your employee population’s health and your use of resources?
As an integrated platform, Ursa can serve as the single solution for empowering your understanding and continuous improvement of your employee population’s health
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your unique employee health initiatives to maximize the health promotion of your investments
  • Take a leadership position in partnering with your health plan and local healthcare providers to get your employees the best possible care


Aiming to bring your data to life and enhance your portfolio of services to employers and providers?
Ursa can be an end-to-end data and analytics solution or can slot in to enhance your existing warehousing and BI tools
  • Move beyond the standard metrics to create more value for your partners in understanding opportunities for population health improvement
  • Share customized dashboards that meaningfully inform your partners enhancing the value of your relationship

Health Service Organizations

Aiming to optimize your product delivery to your partner ACOs, employers, and health plans?
As a single, integrated platform, Ursa can sit on top of your unique data and quickly bring the value of your product to life
  • Accelerate your ingestion of partner data to measure and sell the opportunity of implementing your product
  • Enhance your ongoing measurement to continuously improve your product and demonstrate the project’s value to clients with customized dashboards